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Motorcycle Navigation -Labrador

Product Detail Information

Labrador (BNS-430 series) is the nation's first navigation exclusive for motorcycle. It's exclusive map & Bluetooth function as well as customized UI/GUI design make you convenient. Especially, it boasts of optimized performance in motorcycle driving conditions with water resistant & vibration-protected function.

Main Unit

Bluetooth Headset & Chrome Mount

4.3" Motorcycle Navigation

  • MagicEyes POLLUX(ARM9 / 533MHz) → Built in 3D App.
  • 4.3" Digital Sunlight TFT LCD
  • Map : Worldwide map Porting Supported
    - Rousen Rider 2GB(in Korea) - Solomon 4GB(in Japan)
    - Solomon 4GB(in Japan)
  • Video & Audio player / Photo viewer / etc.
  • Bluetooth ver. 2.0 supported
  • FM Transmitter supported (BNS-43x series only)
  • Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset(1ch/2ch) supported
  • Motorcycle Chrome Mount Supported
  • Multitasking → Audio & Map
  • Firmware upgrade(Use SD Card)

Slim & Simple Style

  • Simple & slim design that is optimum as an accessory for motorcycle.
  • The round shape of top/bottom/left/right is for easy installation and represents a "Speed" of motorcycle, which brings an upgraded pride of riders.
  • Sunlight LCD, luxurious touch window and LED create a luxurious image with black and red color.

Rider-friendly UR/GUI

  • Applied the box tie shape of main display which is luxurious.
  • Riders who takes golves are easy to use by one touch operation for all of functions.
  • 3D UI/GUI running.
  • Provide useful information such as battery, time, etc by indicator.
  • Changeable main background and multimedia screen by user's preference.
Map : Motorcycle Map & PIP Support(in South Korea)

Rousen Rider Map(in South Korea)

  • Dedicated map for Motorbike.
  • Rider- friendly UI/GUI.
  • Supply trip information of motorcycle and track save function


  • Available Multitasking via OSD(On Screen Display) allows simultaneous running MP3 player while GPS running.
Waterproof & Dustproof : stable system by waterproof and dustproof


  • IP57 graded Inundation waterproof → Certificated by KTL(Korea Testing Laboratory).

Dustproof & Mount

  • Mount and H/W design for anti-vibration & anti-dust.
  • Motorcycle chrome mount Supported.
Bluetooth : Wirelessly send all of voice data(Voice guidance, Multimedia Sound, etc) to Bluetooth headset including handsfree & intercom functions

Bluetooth v2.0

  • Bluetooth v.2.0 supported.
  • Bluetooth auto-pairing in Setup Menu.
  • Wirelessly send all of voice data to Bluetooth speaker & headset.

Bluetooth headset

  • Speaker is easy to use because it is located inside of helmet, and Bluetooth receiver will be useful accessory by great design.
  • Support handsfree & intercom function.
FMT & Speaker : Wirelessly send all of voice to FM receiver and speaker

FM Transmitter

  • With setting FM frequency in Setup Menu, wireless sending a voice data to receiver.
  • FMT means eletrical transmission of FM signal , which makes voice data of the unit played by a speaker divice of FM receiver in vehicle like car radio as matching FM frequecy of vehicle to the unit's

Speaker (TBD)

  • Supporting dedicated Speaker.
  • Be of use in a vehicle.
  • Manufacture period : about 1 month. (Can supply according to buyer's request / Option)
CPU & LCD : More faster operating speed and the best quality of definition

MagicEyes POLLUX(ARM9/533MHz)

  • 3D Accelerator is incorporated into POLLUX Chip(533MHz) from Magiceyes.

4.3" Digital Sunlight LCD(Wide type)

  • 4.3" Digital Sunlight LCD(480x272) with anti-glare.
  • To disply luxurious atmosphere, sunlight LCD and Touch are applied and they make its screen be more clear on a clear day.
UI/GUI : Optimized UI/GUI for Riders


  • Riders who takes golves are easy to use by one touch operation for all functions.
  • Support Simple UI/GUI that is optimized to rider.

Background image setup

  • End-User can set up its background image he or she wants.
Multimedia : Supporting Various multimedia function

Video Player

  • One touch controlled function is enough to use as a PMP(Portable Multimedia Player)

Audio Player

  • Intuitive GUI as like Video Player.
Multimedia : Supporting Various multimedia function

Photo Viewer

  • Multi select images and 3D effect bring more enjoyable use.

FMT & Bluetooth(Setup)

  • All of voice data of voice guidance and multimedia can be sent wirelessly to receiver in headset by FMT and Bluetooth functions.


ROUSEN Motorcycle map
MagicEyes POLLUX 533MHz3D UI Support
4.3" Sunlight LCD with Window Touch, 16:9 wide, 480 x 2723.
Ext. Memory
MicroSD Card 4GB(SDHC) up to 16GB
U-blox 5, Internal Ant
Battery : 2800mAh
Navi. Operating 4 hours
DC jack : 5V/2A, 3.2mm
Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR
FM Transmitter
Auto Pairing support
USB 2.0
USB 2.0 device, Battery charge support
Earphone connector
3.5mm stereo jack
2 Keys(Power, Reset)
3D UI/GUI Support
Format : MP3, WMA, WAV Codec : WMA, WAV, AC3, MPEG- 1, MPEG- 2, MPEG-34.
Format : AVI, WMV, MPG Codec : MP43, MP42, Divx 3, Divx 4, Divx 5, WMV 1, WMV 2, WMV 3, Xvid Subtitle : SMI
Format : BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF
Format : BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF
Setup Menu support